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Teams troll NFL's restrictive social-media policy with low-tech tweets

The NFL, in one of the strangest social media strategies in recent memory, has decreed that its own teams face fines if they use game video in their tweets and Facebook messages. The NFL’s own teams. This rule is stupid on its very face, so two NFL teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles, have taken matters into their own hands by crafting some creative workarounds.

Here’s the Eagles Twitter account’s “video” of the Malcolm Jenkins pick-six of Washington’s Kirk Cousins:

And here’s the Browns’ “video” of Terrelle Pryor’s touchdown reception:

The NFL ought to know that social media, like life, always finds a way. Social media, like water, also finds its way to the lowest possible level, so the NFL would do well to rethink its cutting-off-its-nose-to-spite-its-face social media policy now.
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