As tech firms do massive layoffs, Chipotle is hiring 15,000 people

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Amidst all the talk of layoffs in January, Chipotle is making itself the exception.

The Mexican fast-food chain says it’s adding 15,000 jobs across North America, hoping to ensure its stores are fully staffed as the busy season (March to May) looms. The move represents a workforce increase of 15%.

While tech companies have seen a slowdown in business, that hasn’t been the case in the retail sector. Chipotle, in fact, said it had a goal of doubling its North American footprint, which would bring its total locations to roughly 7,000.

That’s a carrot for people who might be hesitant to apply for a job with a fast-food company. Chipotle made it clear that it plans to hire from within, meaning workers who join as part of this wave could quickly be promoted much higher in the organization.

"We will continue bringing in new crew to support Chipotle's aggressive growth plans, while simultaneously promoting and upskilling those currently in role," said Scott Boatwright, chief restaurant officer in a statement.

In 2022, Chipotle says, it had approximately 22,000 internal promotions, including all of its U.S. regional vice president openings, 81% of team directors, and 74% of field leader positions.

It’s also offering more competitive salaries. The chain says the average wage works out to more than $16 per hour. (It also pays the college tuition costs of employees.)

The company saw revenues increase 26% in 2021 and roughly 15% in the first three quarters of 2022. It will release fourth-quarter results in February.

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