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New Tech MYHIXEL Launches Science-based Method for Climax Control

- MYHIXEL allows men to learn to control climax through a gamified app experience with high-tech device based on the latest medical therapies

- This innovative methodology builds on more than five years of health research that proved that men could, on average, triple their intimate stamina

SEVILLA, Spain, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- One in three men declare to experience intimate health issues related to climax control. Lasting longer for full intimate enjoyment is the most common concern for men. Unfortunately, only drugs with significant side-effects or numbing mechanisms are in offer. Now MYHIXEL, a men's wellness tech start-up, is untapping the latest medical innovations in the field to offer a revolutionary natural way to help men control climax. Based in physiological insights and a cognitive-behavioural approach, this innovative methodology helped men to triple their intimate stamina in just 10 weeks, according to peer-review scientific journals[1].

MYHIXEL methodology is built on more than five years of health research that proved that men could, on average, triple their intimate stamina (PRNewsfoto/MYHIXEL)

MYHIXEL and its team of researchers and therapists have translated this medical methodology into an easy-to-use, engaging gamification experience to control climax and expand men's well-being through playful learning. The user builds stamina in the privacy and intimacy of their home using a high-tech simulator device and a secure mobile app.

MYHIXEL is launching globally and presenting today in London at the Giant Health event the latest solution for men's sexual health. Patricia López Trabajo, the CEO of MYHIXEL states, "We are proud to present the most revolutionary scientific method that exists to care for men's well-being through climax control. This has been made possible by joining an iconic simulation device with a specific program of activities through our app." Thanks to MYHIXEL, men will be able to gain climax control without resorting to drugs, anesthetic creams or numbing treatments.

How does MYHIXEL work? MYHIXEL I device + MYHIXEL Play App

MYHIXEL's patented methodology runs through MYHIXEL Play, a gamified app. This app comprises a program of gamified activities guiding men in the development of their intimacy skills. This program of activities is presented in the app as a game and different challenges are proposed to the user, which will help them to progressively gain stamina naturally. All of these occur in a completely anonymous and secure environment, with the purpose of fully protecting the privacy of the user.

The methodology also uses MYHIXEL I, a simulation device designed by therapists and engineers with the latest technology, that offers men the most realistic experience thanks to its morphology and materials. MYHIXEL I attains human body temperature and provides therapeutic vibrations that optimize the MYHIXEL Play program.

Scientifically proven results

MYHIXEL's team of therapists have dedicated the last five years of research to developing this pioneer methodology backed by successful clinical trials on 500 male subjects. The results of these studies have been presented in international conferences and have been welcomed by the scientific community.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine, an international medical journal, has published the last clinical study carried out with the MYHIXEL I device in which the participants managed to triple the duration of their intimate interactions.

The MYHIXEL technology available now for all men

MYHIXEL presents two solutions that cater to the need of every man: MYHIXEL TR, a solution for any man who wants to acquire specific motor skills to improve his intimate experiences; and MYHIXEL MED for men who climax within three minutes of interaction. This is a cognitive behavioral treatment protocol that allows for climax control in a completely natural way.

After a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms that raised 350% of the goal, both MYHIXEL options are now available to the public through their website, www.myhixel.com.


MYHIXEL is a Spanish start-up founded in 2017 with the mission to improve men's well-being. We are pioneers in the development of a new, scientifically proven method that helps men and their partners to control climax and improve intimacy.

Pictures and logo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BVTX0Nwg9Fg5dKaVcN5_-oSQHSNrNKUQ

[1] Journal of Sexual Medicine: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jsxm.2019.01.068
See also: https://myhixel.com/pages/science-behind-myhixel


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