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Technical Analysis on Corrections Corp. of America and FTI Consulting Inc. - Management Service Providers Facing Growth Obstacles

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2012) - Management service providers are performing relatively well as a whole, but significant gain in the near-term will be difficult. Corrections Corporation of America and FTI Consulting Inc. are among companies turning in encouraging performances but growth obstacles may slow momentum. StBulls.com has initiated technical analysis on Corrections Corporation of America ( NYSE : CXW ) and FTI Consulting Inc. ( NYSE : FCN ), these reports are free upon registration at 

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Because companies within this industry operate in so many different markets with their own unique trends, it is necessary to look at broader economic trends to gain a sense of what could make growth difficult. Uncertainty over the outcome of the recent presidential election may have subsided but the looming fiscal cliff and a cloudy outlook for the global economy will likely weigh on the industry. Residual effects of Hurricane Sandy are also creating problems for some management service providers. Read our technical analysis on Corrections Corporation of America by clicking on

There are reasons to be optimistic at this time though. Third quarter results for several companies within the industry highlighted a trend of improved overseas revenues. Efforts to grow foreign operations while the U.S. economy was struggling are now appearing to pay dividends. Investors looking for technical analysis on FTI Consulting Inc. are encouraged to use the link below

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