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New technology Integrates DISC Behavioral Analysis with Third-Party Applications

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PeopleKeys, a world leader in personality assessment technology, announces a new Application Programming Interface (API) allowing their behavioral-matching algorithms to integrate with a client's platform or application. In response to demand, PeopleKey's DISC and related assessments can now be accessed seamlessly from any website, job board, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Learning Management System (LMS) or onboarding software.

PeopleKeys Unlocks People Potential

Dr. Brad Smith, Director, International Business Development, states, "Businesses today need to match personality to marketing campaigns, sales positions, and learning management systems.  The exciting direction of the industry is integrating this technology into our client's applications. We often receive integration requests for example, How to make a dating site match compatibly factors? How to measure job skills previously thought immeasurable? How to integrate with marketing databases to measure buying tendencies of personality styles?  It starts with the most accurate and validated personality assessments in the industry. Over 30 years of assessing and researching the motivations of people in multiple environments has allowed PeopleKeys to develop the technology matching any person to any environment."

Seeking the best candidate for a new sales position? PeopleKey's comprehensive behavioral analysis and job benchmarking can now be accessed directly from the job board, facilitating fast insights to hiring managers wanting accurate feedback on their candidate's behavioral suitability for their specific job role.

Need to know how employees are responding to online training? Users can interact with PeopleKeys from their LMS platform, identifying their learning styles and suggesting curriculum that matches their needs.

Dr. Sanford Kulkin, Founder of PeopleKeys, adds, "Over my 40-plus years in the business, we have proven that while people are different, they are predictably different. My life's work is using this information to enhance relationships, both personal and business. I never envisioned we would someday be offering technology validated by millions of users and thousands of businesses. We can now integrate our personality assessment technology directly into other programs used throughout the world to match people with requirements."

PeopleKeys API: https://peoplekeys.com/api-documentation/

PeopleKeys, a world leader in DISC Behavioral Analysis, has been publishing behavioral tools for over 30 years. Their reports, courses, training, consulting, and platform integrations make them the premier choice for customized behavioral tools and programs. PeopleKeys helps small to large businesses, HR practitioners, educators, coaches, and non-profit organizations unlock the potential in their workforces.

CONTACT: Coleen Kulkin, +1-330-599-5580 x113, coleen.kulkin@peoplekeys.com

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