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TechSee's Visual Support Enhances Customer Satisfaction at Orange Spain

Contact center innovation facilitates service expansion for leading European network operator

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TechSee, the category leader in Intelligent Visual Support, today announced the completion of a successful partnership program with Orange Spain, the leading telecom network operator in Spain. Orange Spain contracted with TechSee to meet the growing demand for its newly launched smart home and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services, as well as for its quadruple play services.

The partnership demonstrated that the use of TechSee resulted in KPI improvements, including increased First Call Resolutions, reduced technician dispatches, and improved customer satisfaction. With a significant drop in operational costs and high ROI, the carrier implemented TechSee into all four of their technical support call centers.

TechSee's visual support solution enables customers to use their smartphone camera to show the agent exactly what they see in their physical environment via a simple tap of a screen – no downloads, app installation or account login required. The agent can then virtually identify the problem and visually guide the customer using a suite of augmented reality tools, resulting in the prompt resolution of technical issues.

With TechSee's platform, Orange Spain's agents were able to quickly identify and resolve a comprehensive list of technical issues. In addition, the installation and configuration activities that previously required a technician dispatch could now be performed by the agents, acting as virtual technicians.

TechSee's solution was effective in a range of use cases including:

  • Self-installation guidance – agents visually guide customers who experience difficulties when self-installing a device.
  • Troubleshooting – agents resolve common technical issues. If a dispatch is required, relevant images ensure the technician arrives well-equipped, avoiding unnecessary repeat dispatches.
  • Equipment quality issues – agents can test and determine whether the device's quality is lacking (e.g. screen quality/definition) in cases of requests for replacements.
  • Field service support – remotely-located experts support field technicians with additional information, consultation or approval.

According to Agustin Martin Mayo, Orange Spain's Provisioning & Robotics Director, "TechSee empowers our agents to provide a more effective and efficient service and a better customer experience to our clients. By offering intuitive, visual support, both call center performance and customer satisfaction have improved significantly."

Uri Kesselman, TechSee's VP Customer Success, said, "We are very excited to transform the delivery of technical customer support in the Spanish market. Using Techsee's innovative visual support solution, Orange professionals are now able to resolve more technical issues on the first call, avoid technician visits where possible, and deliver an optimal customer experience."

About TechSee: 
TechSee is global Leader in Visual Support technologies for the smart home. TechSee revolutionizes the customer support domain by providing the first intelligent visual support solution powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality. TechSee empowers technical support teams across the globe to execute visually-interactive remote diagnoses and resolutions of problems. The company is building a massive database of interactions and resolutions to enable customers to experience rapid, fully automated, robotic visual resolution of technical issues via their smartphones. TechSee is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in New York and Madrid. For more information visit: www.techsee.me.

About Orange Spain:
Spain is the second largest market for the Orange Group, one of the world's leading telecommunications operators with 273 million customers as of December 31, 2017. With a project to generate value based on convergence, innovation and quality service, we are the second operator in the Spanish telecommunications market, with a turnover of 5,371 million Euros and an Ebitda of 1,582 million Euros in 2017. Orange is also one of the leading foreign investors in Spain, with a cumulative investment of €23 billion. Through our different brands, all of which are of recognized prestige - Orange, Jazztel, Amena, and Simyo - we have the confidence of more than 20 million customers, who enjoy our fixed, mobile and television services.

In our commitment to help position Spain among the leading countries in new generation networks and prepare for the new digital society, we are carrying out an ambitious project to deploy fixed and mobile super broadband networks, with the objective of reaching 16 million households with fiber optic coverage by 2020 - currently it already reaches 12 million households, completing our 4G deployment, which already reaches 96% coverage over the population in Spain - and preparing the network for the new technologies of the future. We will also diversify into new businesses such as mobile banking, Smart Home, Internet of Things and Big Data. More information at www.orange.es

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