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Teen Invents Card Game, Works with WWF to Make a Difference for Wildlife

15-Year-Old Jackson Mann creates SOS Save Our Species to engage families with endangered species and habitat loss, pledging 100% of profits to charities

THE NEW FOREST, United Kingdom, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- SOS Save Our Species launches as a brand-new card game where families meet different species, build biomes, save habitats and avert disaster. Created by 15-year-old Jackson Mann, the card game raises awareness of species extinction while raising money for WWF, the world's largest conservation organization and other charities.

The United Nations says, "nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history." The 2019 report found roughly one in four animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, more than ever before in human history. It's not too late to make a difference through a fundamental, system-wide reorganization of economic, social and technological factors. SOS is one way younger generations can help make a difference. They'll discover fun facts about nature and wildlife, the threats they face and ways to protect them.

"If people were engaged in the natural world as much as they are in poker and Pokémon, we could make a positive impact," said Jackson Mann, creator of SOS. "I fell in love with wildlife while watching the TV show Octonauts at 5 years old. Now, I've invented a fun card game that the whole family can play and has the WWF's seal of approval."

Research shows playing card games helps children increase and develop motor, cognitive and emotional skills. SOS Save Our Species allows children to improve on these skills while igniting their imaginations. SOS encourages them to be explorers, naturalists, collaborators and protectors.

"Everyone at WWF involved has been so impressed with Jackson's knowledge of species and habitats. It's inspiring to see how he's turned his passion into action," said Rachel Cox, senior new product development manager, WWF-UK. "We really hope this game shows young people the wonders of nature, with amazing pictures of different habitats from around the world and the fascinating WWF facts about different species."

Instead of flipping on a TV show or playing video games, kids can grab their SOS deck and play with family and friends. Each person is dealt seven cards and can pick up or discard cards until they've created a biome – a combination of matching species and habitat cards. Whenever biomes are added, an event card is revealed. Events can positively or negatively impact players and reflect real life scenarios, including when habitats are destroyed through floods or wildfires, or National Parks are created. At the end of the game, the player with the most points from their surviving species wins.

Mann co-created SOS - Global Edition with WWF experts to ensure the facts are accurate and the combination of species and habitats represents the real world. SOS is first launching with species from four global biomes – grassland, forest, polar and ocean. Mann is working with the WWF to expand with special editions, including UK and Birds and Marine. He has plans for expansion packs to add new biomes and advanced gameplay (with apex predators and invasive species).

Funds raised from the SOS crowdfunding campaign will be used to pay for production and distribution of the game. All profits from SOS sales will help endangered species worldwide. 75% of profits from all editions will go to WWF and the remaining 25% will go to other charities working to protect species and their habitats.
SOS cards are plastic-free and manufactured from sustainable cards and ink. Each deck features real-life images of wildlife and their natural habitats. SOS is available for pre-order starting at £19/$27USD at pr.go2.fund/sos.

About SOS
Jackson Mann created SOS while on a wildlife exploration in Costa Rica in 2018. SOS is a family card game emphasizing fun while exploring problems species face today. SOS is published by Wild Dog Games, a not-for-profit games publisher, and has been co-created with WWF. It's perfect for those age 7+, requires 2-5 players and takes just 15 minutes to play.

Media Contact

Brittany Corl, SOS Save Our Species, 980-819-0099, britt@soscardgame.com

SOURCE SOS Save Our Species