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Tell Us: What’s the Dumbest Investment You’ve Ever Made?

You’re human, you make mistakes. Individual investors (and yes, sometimes even Warren Buffett) are fallible and don’t always get it right. We try to time the market, we pay too much attention to past returns, and we invest in what’s familiar.

Maybe you bought Apple stock at its $700 high in 2012? Perhaps you’ve been sitting on the sidelines during the past year's run-up while your money languished in CDs. Or maybe you recently realized you’re paying high expense fees for actively managed mutual funds that didn’t turn out to be winners.

In the noble of hope of trying to help investors learn from their blunders, we want to hear from you: What’s been your biggest investing mistake? Email us at yourdumbinvestment@yahoo.com with your story – with information about your investment move and how much money you lost – and we may feature you in an upcoming article.