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Temescal UEFC-4900 System for II-VI Incorporated from Ferrotec

II-VI Incorporated Adds Auratus™ Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology

LIVERMORE, Calif., April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ferrotec Corporation (6890.T) today announced that II-VI Incorporated (IIVI) procured a Temescal UEFC-4900 system and Auratus Enhanced system. II-VI and their customers will benefit from the improved film uniformity and reduced materials consumption offered by the Auratus process.

"We rely on the expertise of Ferrotec and their ability to deliver high quality metallization processes in production scale for our compound semiconductor manufacturing platform," said Utpal Chakrabarti, Vice President, Optoelectronic and Wide Bandgap Devices, II-VI Incorporated.

"Ferrotec was pleased to offer an effective demonstration of the Temescal Systems to the II-VI team, demonstrating the benefits that the Auratus process offers in delivering unmatched film quality and operating efficiency, and assisting II-VI in their selection process," said Gregg Wallace, Managing Director of Temescal Systems at Ferrotec.

More information about the Temescal system products from Ferrotec can be found at www.temescal.net.

About Ferrotec Corporation
Founded in 1980, on a technology core of Ferrofluid magnetic liquid and Ferrofluidic® sealing products, Ferrotec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6890 (OTC) is a worldwide leader in the supply of materials, components, and precision system solutions. Today, Ferrotec is a global enterprise characterized by substantial intercompany cooperation in the research, manufacturing and marketing of a diverse range of products and services. Ferrotec's Temescal evaporators are industry leading electron beam-based evaporative coating systems for metallization and compound semiconductor manufacturing. For additional information about Ferrotec products, visit the company's web site at www.ferrotec.com.

About II-VI Incorporated 
II-VI Incorporated, a global leader in engineered materials and optoelectronic components, is a vertically integrated manufacturing company that develops innovative products for diversified applications in the industrial, optical communications, military, life sciences, semiconductor equipment, and consumer markets. Headquartered in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, the Company has research and development, manufacturing, sales, service, and distribution facilities worldwide. The Company produces a wide variety of application-specific photonic and electronic materials and components, and deploys them in various forms, including integrated with advanced software to enable our customers. For additional information please visit www.ii-vi.com.

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