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Tend Launches At-Home Wellness Device to Aid Tendinopathy and Tendon Pain Recovery

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Tend Deep is an easy-to-use, at-home wellness device that uses six vibration patterns and four speed levels to help relieve tendon pain across the body.

SHEFFIELD, England, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Move better with Tend Deep, a direct vibration stimulation device to help ease the pain of tendinopathy, or sore tendons. Launching today, Tend Deep uses pinpointed direct vibrational stimulation with multiple patterns and settings to provide convenient at-home treatment for pain points and tendons.

Tendinopathy, like tennis elbow, affects more than 78 million people worldwide. Whether it's caused by intense athletic training or a sedentary lifestyle, people are frustrated with the cycle of pre-existing solutions that include exercise and rest, icing or heating, and anti-inflammatory medications. Physical therapy, medication and eventual tendon surgery can be time consuming and expensive.

Tend Deep's direct vibration stimulation specifically targets any tendon or area that has pain, swelling, stiffness or needs circulation with six vibration patterns and four speed level settings. With a primary focus on tendons, the material surface and compact size of Tend Deep works as a trigger point tool and trigger point release for targeting any area of pain on the body. It's waterproof, recharges in two hours and is made out of body safe recycled aluminum with an FDA-grade silicone handle.

"Like many people, I enjoy exercising and being active but despise the knee issues and tendon pain that comes along with those activities," said Will Ranscombe, founder and CEO of Tend. "Tend Deep gives people control in their recovery process. Whether it's work, sports or just life catching up to your body, Tend Deep is an at-home wellness device to help ease your pain and help you move better."

Tend Deep was developed by a team of experts that includes a top English Premier Soccer League physiotherapist, an award-winning industrial designer, a serial entrepreneur and a little help from a former New Zealand International rugby star.

Take control with targeted tendon relief, at home, with Tend Deep. To pre-order visit, pr.go2.fund/tend.

About Tend
Tend is a recovery brand aimed towards health and wellness to help people move better.
Will Ranscombe, the Founder and CEO of Tend, is an avid skier and cyclist with the same knee issues, body and tendon pain that many active, outdoor lovers feel over the years. Will created Tend Deep to be the solution to those issues and provide an easy-to-use recovery aid for people specifically with tendinopathy and tendon pain.

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Matt Harris, Tend, 704-313-9319, Matthew.Harris@enventys.com