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TENGA Unveils 2019 Self-Pleasure Report, Revealing New Findings on How Americans Masturbate

Report Finds Most Americans Consider Masturbation to be Form of Self-Care and Improves Well-Being

- Ninety-one percent of American men and 78% of American women masturbate; Millennials masturbate more frequently than Gen Z and Gen X; people who identify as LGBTQ+ masturbate more than people who identify as heterosexual.

- Americans say they tend to be horniest in the month of June, touch themselves most between 7:30 - 11:30 P.M. and fantasize about previous partners more than their current partner (33% vs. 29%).

- Sex and masturbation are more stress-reducing than getting a massage, meditating or playing with animals, according to Americans.

TOKYO, May 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TENGA, the sexual wellness company creating innovative sex toys for men and women, today announced the results of the TENGA 2019 Self-Pleasure Report, which brings to light the surprising role masturbation, sex and sex toys play in people's lives in the U.S. and around the world.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8528451-tenga-unveils-2019-self-pleasure-report/

The report, which surveyed over 10,000 men and women across nine countries – making it the largest of its kind, unveils new findings on how Americans masturbate:

  • Ninety-one percent of American men and 78% of American women masturbate, with Millennials doing it more than Gen Z and Gen X, and people who identify as LGBTQ+ masturbate more than people who identify as heterosexual.
  • Americans tend to be horniest in the month of June, touch themselves most between 7:30 – 11:30 p.m. and, surprisingly, fantasize about previous partners more than their current partner (33% vs. 29%).
  • The fantasies don't just stop with partners; respondents cited the celebrities they fantasize about most include Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, along with Johnny Depp, Jason Momoa and Justin Bieber.

Americans find sex and masturbation more stress-relieving than most traditional wellness activities

TENGA's 2019 Self-Pleasure Report reveals 74% of Americans use masturbation as a form of self-care and 54% say it improves their well-being. In fact, American respondents ranked masturbation as more pleasurable and more helpful in relieving stress than most traditional wellness activities; specifically:

  • Most pleasurable activities as ranked by Americans: sex, being with people you love, masturbating, hugging someone you love, taking a hot shower or bath, etc.
  • Most stress-relieving activities as ranked by Americans: sex, masturbating, sleeping, listening to music, taking a hot shower or bath, etc.

Additionally, nearly 80-90% of Americans find masturbation to have a positive effect across most aspects of their lives. Positive effects cited in the report include boosting their mood, improving their health, brain function, self-confidence and sex appeal, energy and productivity levels, and relationships and marriages.

While face masks and fresh juices are images of the wellness movement, the most basic, physical form of self-care – i.e., self-pleasure – is absent from the conversation. While nearly everyone may masturbate, most Americans still avoid the topic in conversation. The report shows 40% of people in the U.S. have lied about masturbating and 42% have never spoken to their significant other about masturbation.

"People tend to shy away from talking about masturbation because of old stigmas around it, but it's a completely normal part of personal wellness that we should talk about more," says certified sex expert and TENGA brand ambassador, Shan Boodram. "Experiencing pleasure through masturbation is one of the best ways to practice self-care because of all of the physical and mental benefits we gain from it."  

How sex toys can lead to better pleasure    

So how can we experience better pleasure? According to those surveyed, masturbating with sex toys is the key. Men and women who use sex toys not only report feeling the most pleasure when compared to those who don't, but they also report higher satisfaction levels with:

  • Orgasms (for men, 92% vs. 84%; for women, 87% vs. 71%)
  • Masturbation experience (for men, 92% vs. 82%; for women, 82% vs. 61%)
  • Their own sexual performance (for men, 85% vs. 72%; for women, 79% vs. 67%)
  • Emotional connections with their partners (for men, 78% vs. 69%; for women, 75% vs. 66%)

TENGA knows sexuality is not one-size-fits-all and therefore offers a variety of sex toys for both men and women in a range of functions and sizes. This Masturbation May, TENGA wants to help more men and women around the world feel better pleasure, and make it a part of their personal wellness and holistic self-care routines.

"Celebrating sexuality and helping everyone feel better pleasure is what we aim to do every day. This year, we're hoping to help more people take pleasure into their own hands so that they can feel good – physically and mentally – and hopefully lead happier, more satisfying lives," says TENGA Global Marketing Manager, Eddie Marklew.

To help people feel more this Masturbation May, TENGA is offering free delivery on all purchases from its online shop, usstore.tenga-global.com, throughout the month of May. Shoppers can also get a free TENGA CUP with the purchase of two CUPs, as well as a free HOLE LOTION and free with the purchase of any FLIP Series product.

For the full findings as well as infographics and supporting assets, visit feelmore.global. To learn more about TENGA, visit tenga-global.com. To experience better pleasure for yourself, shop online at usstore.tenga-global.com.

About the TENGA 2019 Global Self-Pleasure Report

In partnership with PSB, TENGA surveyed more than 10,000 respondents in nine countries to measure and understand global habits related sex, masturbation and sex toy usage. To ensure a representative sample of the 18-54 population in each country surveyed, PSB implemented fielding quotas and weighted final data to match the best available population statistics in each country on the basis of age, gender, and – in the United States – ethnicity. To learn more, visit feelmore.global.

About TENGA Co. Ltd.

TENGA Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo-based goods manufacturer founded in 2005, with a focus on sexual wellness products. The company launched with the "TENGA" brand of male pleasure items, and in 2013 expanded its offering with the "iroha" pleasure items brand, which focuses on products made "By Women, For Women." In 2016, TENGA launched the brand "TENGA Healthcare" from subsidiary company TENGA Healthcare Inc., which focuses on providing care and products with the aim to help alleviate various sexual problems such as infertility and premature ejaculation.

The TENGA brand by TENGA Co., Ltd. offers a line of adult novelty products for men, with a non-obscene product design as a tool for safer, better pleasure. Since their release, TENGA has sold over 75 million units worldwide and is now highly regarded as one of the leaders in products for male pleasure in both adult and mainstream markets, and is the No. 1 brand of male masturbation products by units sold, selling over triple of their closest competitor. Current TENGA series available in the U.S. include CUP, EGG, 3D, FLEX, FLIP, SPINNER and SVR.

About Shan Boodram
Shan Boodram is a sexologist, popular YouTube personality, intimacy expert, and author of the upcoming book THE GAME OF DESIRE (on sale July 23, 2019). She has appeared on The View, MTV, E!, The Rachael Ray Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and CNN Radio, and has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and Time magazine. She lives in Los Angeles.


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