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Teranet Launches ViMO, a Cutting-edge Mobile Solution for Real Estate Sales Professionals

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 28, 2014) - Teranet, the exclusive provider of online property search and registration in Ontario, and service provider to over 30,000 Ontario real estate sales professionals, is proud to announce the launch of ViMO, or Virtual Mobile Office.

ViMO is a new iPad app for real estate sales professionals that will enrich their face-to-face client interactions and help them win more business. ViMO combines current market listing data with property sales, market statistics, demographics, schools, and more; this wealth of information will provide real estate sales professionals with access to essential details that will drive kitchen table conversations and help clients make informed decisions. ViMO was unveiled at the end of March and has rapidly become the on-the-road tool of choice for real estate sales professionals.

"With ViMO, our goal is to create the premiere lead-to-close solution that will allow real estate sales professionals to elevate their personal value proposition to new levels. By creating a rich mobile experience, ViMO will enable high-performing, information-savvy real estate sales professionals to bring sophisticated technology to everyday interactions with their prospects and clients," said Jeremy Fisher, Teranet's Strategic Product Manager for Real Estate.

ViMO's digital forms with e-signature capabilities will revolutionize real estate sale professionals' current work flow by automatically importing key data fields such as owners' names, address, and legal description data that is sourced from the Electronic Land Registry System. Furthermore, e-forms "Auto-Population" will benefit real estate sales professionals by enabling them to send relevant documents to their clients via email and when on-the-go, hence minimizing paperwork time.

"The genesis of ViMO was inspired by feedback from the Ontario real estate sales professionals community, valued Teranet customers for over 10 years," said Elgin Farewell, CEO and President of Teranet. "We leveraged our technology to create a ground breaking mobile service for real estate sales professionals. We are very excited by the immediate ViMO opportunity, and the great potential that it presents as a platform for further services."

In addition, by handling e-forms via ViMO, real estate sales professionals can monitor registrations on listings for the duration of the listing agreement; and will be able to notify clients of any mortgages, liens, easements, power of attorney, or other registrations that could impact the transfer before the closing date.

ViMO helps real estate sales professionals do more on the go, be on the cutting edge and stay connected to existing and prospective clients.

ViMO is the iPad MOBILE app that the Canadian real estate industry has been waiting for!

To know more about ViMO, go to www.myvimo.ca or contact us at ViMO.Inquiries@Teranet.ca.

About Teranet

Founded in 1991, Teranet owns and operates Ontario's Electronic Land Registration System, one of the world's most advanced land registration systems, enabling users to conduct electronic registrations as well as title and writ searches relating to real property. Teranet also owns and operates The Property Registry in Manitoba, providing advanced land and personal property security registration and search services. Teranet's comprehensive suite of related data products have fundamentally increased the real estate industry's ability to provide efficient and secure services to the public. Teranet has built a well-established customer base and strong brand confidence, providing electronic services to over 81,000 end users including lawyers, paralegals, real estate brokers and agents, search houses, title insurers, financial institutions, governments, police services, utilities, surveyors, credit unions, investigators and appraisers. Teranet is managed by Borealis Infrastructure, a leader in direct infrastructure investing with well over a decade of investment experience. With offices in Toronto, London, New York and Sydney, Borealis is the infrastructure investment arm of OMERS, one of Canada's largest pension funds with net assets of more than $65 billion and an AAA credit rating. As at December 31, 2013, Borealis manages net assets of approximately $11.6 billion on behalf of OMERS through investments in a diversified portfolio of large-scale infrastructure assets exhibiting stability and strong cash flows, in sectors including energy, transportation and social infrastructure. For more information about Teranet, visit www.teranet.ca.