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Terminix Ordered to Pay $2.2 Million Because of Fraud, Reports Campbell Law PC

Latest Arbitration Decision Brings Teminix's accrued unpaid arbitration awards this quarter to $6.7 million total in just three cases

MOBILE, Ala., Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday, December 11th, 2019, Terminix lost an arbitration trial for defrauding the owners of a historic home in south Alabama. Terminix was ordered to pay almost $2.2 million in termite damage repairs, punitive damages, attorney fees and expenses. In 38 years, Terminix failed to ever complete a proper treatment of the home in question. Tom Campbell and Matt Nicholson of Campbell Law PC successfully tried the case against the pest control giant after Terminix's attorneys claimed the case was only worth about $66,000. After Campbell and Nicholson proved that Terminix does not properly treat houses for termites 96% of the time, the arbitrator awarded Terminix's victims about 33 times what Terminix said they should have to pay.

Termite damage

Other evidence from Terminix managers established that this pattern and practice of failing to treat homes and failing to disclose damage was not some oversight or incompetence but rather an intentional business strategy. The home office of Terminix International bars its branches from keeping the pledge to remedy incomplete and worn-off termite treatments. Even while its CEOs claim of reforms, Terminix officials admit in testimony that Terminix lets all of its termite treatments wear-off without replacing ineffective chemical barriers.

This case adds another link in an unbroken chain of recent significant losses for Terminix. In just three cases, Terminix's accrued unpaid arbitration awards for this quarter top $6.7 million. In an attempt to assuage investor worries, Terminix recently said the value of these cases totaled only $340,000. Plus, their lawyers indicated at an earlier trial that Terminix plans to challenge any award exceeding $1,000,000, regardless of the merits of an appeal.

The evidence showed Terminix had repeated, knowingly failed. The arbitrator concluded Terminix

  • Failed to provide a proper initial termite treatment;
  • Failed to properly inspect or provide for remedial measures in the face of improper initial treatment;
  • Failed to provide ongoing treatment in a manner that meets the "high level of workmanship standard," and
  • Failed to disclose to the current or previous homeowners the lack of a proper initial treatment or subsequent treatments.

About Campbell Law, PC: Campbell Law PC has handled cases against Terminix and other pest control companies across America for over 20 years. The firm has eight lawyers and a professional staff of paralegals, legal assistants, artists, and law clerks who work almost exclusively on termite fraud cases. Campbell Law was once again deemed one of the "Best Law Firms" by U.S. News and World Report and recently acquired almost twice its current office space to expand to further help victims of Terminix's wrongdoing.

Exterior termite damage where pieces of the home will literally crumble in your hands.

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