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Terrence Howard Finds Inner ‘Little Mermaid’ on Series Premiere of ‘Beat Shazam’

On the series premiere of Beat Shazam, three teams battled it out to see who was the quickest to identify hit songs. The final pair then squared off against the almighty “Shazam” for a shot at winning $1 million. However, it wasn’t the (not-so-climactic) ending of the game show that got everyone out of their seats.

It was when the host, actor and singer Jamie Foxx, who was inspired to create the show based on his own celebrity-filled house parties, brought out one of his celebrity friends to make a special guest appearance — Empire’s Terrence Howard, aka “Lucious Lyon.”

One full round of the game was dedicated to “Terrence’s Playlist,” and one song in particular really struck a chord, hitting everyone with a blast of nostalgia. As “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid played loudly throughout the room, everyone began to sing along, including Howard who, along with DJ October Gonzalez, took to the stage to treat the audience to a very special performance. And what Howard lacked in vocal skills, Foxx made up for in fake tears as the host joined in on the fun before stating, “Only on Beat Shazam can you see Lucious Lyon get in touch with his inner princess.”

Beat Shazam airs at 8 p.m. on Fox. Watch clips and full episodes of Beat Shazam for free on Yahoo View.

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