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Tesla Model S gets a subtle makeover from tuner Novitec

Stephen Edelstein
Novitec Tesla Model S

Novitec is known for tuning high-end vehicles from the likes of Lamborghini and Maserati, but lately the company has turned its attention to greener rides. The German firm launched a line of upgrades for the Tesla Model X earlier this year, and now it’s moving on to that SUV’s sedan counterpart.

As with the Model X, Novitec’s tuning package for the Tesla Model S primarily focuses on aesthetic changes, rather than performance upgrades (not that the Model S needs help in that area). Those subtle visual changes give the Model S a more aggressive look without going overboard, as many tuners do.

Available for Tesla Model S electric cars from 2016 or later, the list of modifications includes front and rear lip spoilers, new rocker panels, a rear diffuser, and Novitec’s own 21-inch wheels. Novitec claims the spoilers, diffuser, and rocker panels have actual aerodynamic benefits. The front spoiler in particular reduces axle lift at high speeds, Novitec says, helping to improve stability.

While there are no apparent changes to the powertrain, Novitec does offer carbon-ceramic brakes in place of the stock Tesla units. In addition to increasing stopping power and reducing fade, Novitec claims the brakes weigh less than the stock components. Since brakes constitute unsprung weight, that should have an outsize positive impact on handling, Novitec notes.

Novitec also offers two suspension options for the Model S. For cars not equipped with air suspension, Novitec has a coilover setup that lowers ride height by 40 millimeters (1.5 inches) and includes three damper settings: Normal, Comfort, and Sport. Novitec also offers its own control module for cars equipped with air suspension, which lowers ride height by about 25 mm (0.9 inch). This is probably more about creating an aggressive, ground-hugging look than any performance benefit.

Novitec would not discuss pricing or U.S. availability, but given the popularity of the Model S, the company probably won’t have trouble finding customers. Novitec isn’t the first company to tune Teslas, and it certainly won’t be the last. Tesla may be changing a lot of perceptions about what cars can be, but that doesn’t mean the desire of owners to modify, customize, and personalize them will go away.