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Tesla Model S Sets New Record in NHTSA Vehicle Safety Tests

Jeff Perez

The Tesla Model S has proven itself as a tried and tested competitor to the big boys of the auto industry. Not only has it achieved the highest score by some of the most stern automotive judges on the planet (Consumer Reports), but now, it’s achieved the best safety rating of any car tested. Ever.

Across the board, the Model S marked an extremely impressive 5 star rating (technically a 5.4, although the NHTSA does not publish above 5). And not just an overall score, but in every subcategory in which it was tested. Of every major auto manufacturer tested by the NHTSA, the Model S also “set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants.”

Tesla Model S 4

When it came to rollover testing, “special means” were taken in order for the Model S to actually be put on its roof. Tesla says that this positive outcome is the result of the battery packs extremely low center of gravity placed under the floor pan. In the roof crush protection tests in the same hand, the testing machine failed at just above 4 g’s, meaning that the roof is so strong, four Model S’ can be stacked on top of one without the roof caving in.

Tesla also went on to make note of the reliability of the battery pack in both testing and in the field. Of which, none have gone up in smoke. All of these figures are extremely impressive, to say the least.

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