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Tesseral Technologies announces industry-leading partnership for geothermal energy exploration and development with Petrolern LLC

·3 min read

CALGARY, AB, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Tesseral Technologies and Petrolern LLC are honoured to announce a partnership to defy industry standards by integrating their respective technologies in geothermal and geomechanics. This partnership creates unique solutions for the exploration and development of geothermal resources. The unified collaboration will integrate subsurface geology with advanced geophysics and geomechanics to advance imaging of faults and fractures; and monitoring their mechanical evolutions which will be instrumental in achieving success in geothermal projects.

In the field of seismic imaging and modeling, Tesseral's patented technology is the industry leader. The Duplex wave methodology distinctively visualizes subtle fracturing and faults, which are a key differentiators in defining and de-risking projects. These methods are vital to ensure successful geothermal projects, as the understanding of fracture systems in relation to risk mitigation and geohazards are imperative in creating an accurate characterization of the reservoir.

Petrolern is an industry leader in developing subsurface technologies for geothermal exploration and development, and generating profitable geothermal electricity and heat from both lower-temperature sedimentary resources and Enhanced Geothermal Systems, and specifically repurposed late-stage oil and gas wells. Petrolern has innovative and proprietary technologies to map geothermal play fairways and to characterize, monitor and visualize geomechanical characteristics of subsurface formations and fractures.

Tesseral Technologies president, Ivan Iantsevitch says "Our Company is incredibly proud and passionate about the collaboration and partnership with Petrolern. We believe that the combination of our technologies will bring something new and important to the market. I am excited about our collective ability to offer a truly integrated, multi-disciplinary workflow to our customers. This is the motive and inspiration behind the collaboration between the companies. We recognize the importance of geothermal and CO2 sequestration projects to managing the world's emissions, and we believe our collaboration with Petrolern can make a difference to ensure the success of these efforts."

Petrolern's CEO, Dr. Hamed Soroush remarks, "We are delighted to work with Tesseral to integrate our award-winning subsurface characterization and monitoring technologies with their outstanding duplex wave migration technology that is a great fit to significantly improve the current state-of-the-art in characterization of geothermal systems. This alliance represents a major step in our strategy to grow Petrolern's global footprint in geothermal, while we equally envision applications to carbon storage and oil and gas use cases, as well."

About Tesseral Technologies Inc.: Tesseral Technologies Inc. is part of the TETRALE GROUP of companies, headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada, founded in 2015 and specializing the development of proprietary digital geophysical software and service for oil and gas, geothermal, CO2 sequestration, mining, construction, and environmental applications. The company services are seismic modeling, planning, imaging, processing, and interpretation.

About Petrolern LLC: Petrolern LLC, founded in 2014, is an industry leader in providing innovative clean energy solutions to geothermal, carbon storage and oil and gas applications. It has been the recipient of several prestigious awards from the United States Department of Energy and private industry. Petrolern' score competencies include advanced geomechanics, artificial intelligence, real-time subsurface characterization and monitoring, mapping geothermal play fairways, and selection and conversion of late- stage oil and gas wells to profitable geothermal energy.


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SOURCE Tesseral Technologies Inc.