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Texas athletics department continues to post staggering financial numbers

Texas' athletics department became the first for a Div. I public school to post $200 million in both operating revenues and expenses.

The University of Texas athletics department reported about $215 million in operating revenues for the 2017 fiscal year, against $207 million in operating expenses, USA Today reports.

This marks the first time an athletics department of a Division I public school posted at least $200 million in both operating revenues and expenses.

The $215 million in revenues for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2017 and is an increase from $188 million in 2016. It's the second largest for any Division I public school in the 13 years USA Today has been reporting these numbers. The record of $241 million was set by Oklahoma State in 2006, when the OSU athletic department reported $211 in donations, $165 million of which came from Boone Pickens.

Only three other times have schools reported more than $190 million in operating, and all of those cases – Oregon in 2014 and Texas A&M in both 2015 and 2016 – involved special donations toward facilities.

Texas football’s $42.4 million in ticket revenue is more than what over 160 schools reported in operating revenue for their entire athletic departments in 2016. Texas’ total ticket revenue of $72.5 million marks an increase from $11.6 million in 2016 and breaks its own record of $63.3 million set in 2015.

Technically, though, the Longhorns athletic department operated at a deficit in 2017, as it transferred a reported $10.3 million to the university. The sports program, one of the few in the nation that gets no revenue from student fees, or institutional or state sources, has transferred almost $40 million to the university over the last four years.