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Texas Attorney Jerome Karam Announces Groundbreaking for New Residential and Retail Development in Alexandria, Louisiana

ALEXANDRIA, LA--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2013) - Houston based Attorney, Jerome Karam and Dr. Alfred Mansour, announce the development of a new residential condominium development and adjacent retail center in the city of Alexandria. The project will open to great excitement of Alexandria's residents and business owners. 

Karam will utilize a unique blend of Louisianan-style architectural design. The development will boast professionally landscaped gardens surrounding a radiant pond. The new development will house 36 luxury and affordable condominium homes. Each condominium will have 1300 square feet of living space, consisting of two bedrooms, two and half bathrooms and large accompanying yards. These luxury condominiums will be equipped with opulent appliances, beautiful Louisianan-style features and open layouts. Adjacent to the residential development will be a multi-functional retail center. Currently the retail center houses a nail salon, hair salon and a banking center. Karam is anticipating adding a fitness center, spa, restaurant and additional retail facilities.

This development is located in the hottest part of town, and it is expected to increase influx of revenue to the city and providing a boost to the local markets. Dr. Alfred Mansour and Jerome Karam are also expecting development of this residential project in the area to provide both affordable luxury housing and increase job opportunities. Karam is excited and committed to not only stimulate the local economy but also to serve as a model for future developments in Alexandria.

This 36-condo residential development will to be completed by December 2013 and a special thanks goes out to the bank officers at Evangelian bank John Stegall and Russel Easley who helped immensely on the project.

About Jerome Karam
Jerome Karam is a Houston based attorney in Houston, Texas. His website can be found at: Jeromekaram.com