TGAL (Japan) and Franklin Junction (USA) Announce Strategic Partnership For International Development

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Trans-pacific agreement connects two of the largest host kitchen networks in the world

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TGAL, one of Japan's most recognized food conglomerates who has also developed the largest host kitchen network in Japan announced today its partnership alongside  Franklin Junction, an innovative restaurant e-commerce platform credited with creating the host kitchen model which allows any restaurant to generate incremental revenue by producing food for other brands,

The partnership will now enable renowned Japanese brands will have access to growth in the US through Franklin Junction's host network.

Likewise, restaurants in TGAL's network to become a Franklin Junction Host Kitchen® and restaurant brands based in the United States to enter and expand in the Japan market using Franklin Junction's partnership as a conduit for growth.

As a result, host kitchens and brand partners in either country will be able to optimize their assets while driving revenue through delivery channels.

"We are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Franklin Junction, one of the most well-organized and well-respected food tech companies in the world," said Yasuhiro Kono, CEO and Founder of TGAL.  "Having a partner like Franklin Junction will allow unprecedented and unrivaled access to innovation and growth of Japanese cuisine in the United States.  Our brands will now be able to instantly penetrate underserved markets, it's an absolute game-changer for both, TGAL and Japanese cuisine in America."

TGAL has partnered with over 1,400 restaurants in Japan and operates an AETA model that offers host kitchens multiple brands on a subscription basis.  The company operates over 100 of its own multi-brand vertically-integrated food halls and owns more than 120 Japanese concept brands. TGAL recently opened its first Japanese multi-brand restaurant in New York City, J's Kitchen New York, to rave reviews.

"We are very excited to enter the Japan market with a highly regarded partner in TGAL. We have a strong track record of introducing our brand partners to new diners and many of them have expressed interest in Japan as being a dream destination due to the country's fervent desire for American cuisine," said Rishi Nigam, CEO and Co-Founder of Franklin Junction. "The rapid growth and increased adoption of food delivery is revolutionizing the way foodservice concepts expand to new markets and we are honored to be at the forefront of that innovation by building an international presence for our customers."

Franklin Junction pioneered the host kitchen model in the United States. With a deep emphasis on powering the technology that drives the success behind the platform, Franklin Junction has been able to help hundreds of restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and other foodservice businesses monetize their underutilized kitchen assets without any additional capital expense.  Notable brands who have partnered with Franklin Junction to leverage the host kitchen network include iconic brands such as Hooters, Nathan's Famous, and Arthur Treacher's, as well as up and coming brands The Cumin Bowl, Nuchas, Fuku, and Milkbar.

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About TGAL

TGAL Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda- Ku, Tokyo) was founded in 2013 by Yasuhiro Kono to solve the issue of inefficient food delivery in Japan by turning restaurants into multi-concept kitchens. TGAL's network has grown to over 1400 host kitchens and over 120 brands ranging from Michelin star cuisine to notable Japanese chains to purpose-created virtual brands, reproducing the authentic taste that has been handed down from famous stores and hidden local gems in various locations.  TGAL also operates over 100 vertically-integrated multi-concept ghost kitchens that include order generation, food preparation, and delivery by TGAL couriers directly to customers. For more information, visit

About Franklin Junction

Franklin Junction is a digital platform that allows kitchens to optimize excess infrastructure capacity by serving as a "Host Kitchen®." Hosts are matched with a thoughtfully curated roster of proven restaurant brands, Cloud Concepts®, allowing the Hosts to increase revenue, while providing Concepts a platform to expand geographic reach without any capital expense. Franklin Junction's proprietary technology includes aggregated order management, automated accounting, and data-driven marketing to create and sustain high margin incremental revenue for clients. For more information, visit

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