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Thank The Fashion Gods, 'Fashion Police' Is Finally Ending

Joan Riverswould never“mince words,”and neither will we:“Fashion Police”should have ended three years ago.

Variety reported Wednesday that, after years of trying to get back its footing with a laundry list ofsometimes appropriate and other timescompletely randomguest hosts, the style talk showwill air its final episode― in part a tribute to Rivers ― on Nov. 27.

The panel show, which was more often crass than it was exceptionally funny, was left in limbo when Rivers, its primary host, died inSeptember 2014.

The "Fashion Police" hosts in 2013. 

At the time, many people, co-hostGiuliana Rancicincluded,questioned the fate of the show, which had become so synonymous with Rivers’ brand of humor. It was, most of the time, Rivers’ world on the then-weekly program, with the rest of the co-hosts often playing backboard to her zingers.

“Can there be a show without Joan?” Rancic said to ABC News. “Do we want to do a ‘Fashion Police’ without Joan? I don’t know.”

But it did go on, withan announcementin haste made just weeks after her death.  The show revealed it would return for the 2015 awards show season. 

What followed was a revolving door of co-hosts and a fair share of drama: Rancic came under firefor comments she made aboutZendaya’shair, after whichKelly Osbourneultimatelyleft the show.Kathy Griffin, who was tapped tobe Rivers’ replacement,  lastedjust seven episodes

“After 7 episodes of Fashion Police, I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show & now it’s time to move on,”she tweeted in a statementat the time.

Following a hiatus,Melissa Rivers stepped in, her first episode covering the MTV Video Music Awards, and the show stopped airing weekly and only aired for special events such as awards shows and Fashion Week. 

HuffPost made a plea to the showto call it quits when rumors started flying thatKhloe Kardashianwould be stepping in to replace Osbourne. Not only did she seem to lack the fashion credentials, she also wasn’t exactly known for her keen comedic timing. 

That rumor never ended up coming to fruition, but even with big personalities likeNeNe LeakesandMargaret Chotakingspots on the panel, the cast’s best attempts at controversial humor felt more like a cheap attempt to replicate the original show than an exciting path forward. 

So now, as the show finally takes its final walk down the runway, we’ll choose to remember it as Joan would have wanted us to: All about her. 

Better fashionably late than never, right? 


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