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Thanks, Obama: White House Records Hyperlapse Tour in Dreaded Portrait Mode

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech
Portrait-mode screenshot of White House video

(Facebook/The White House)

President Barack Obama may be the first “Twitter president” of these United States, but that doesn’t mean he and his staff are without their technological missteps.

Good: Prez’s social media team immediately jumped on Instagram’s new Hyperlapse video app, posting a neat time-lapse tour of the White House to Facebook Wednesday.

Bad: The friggin’ video was recorded in the much-despised portrait mode.

White House Hyperlapse video

There. We chopped the ugly black bars from the sides. (Facebook/Yahoo Tech)

This just confirms that the president’s Cabinet is not keeping a close enough eye on the tips we’re giving out here on Yahoo Tech; otherwise whoever shot this video would have known to flip his or her device and shoot this thing in the appropriate landscape mode.

You know, the way videos were meant to be captured.

We won’t go as far as to blame the POTUS directly for this. Not only do we understand that he’s busy with other concerns, but we’re also pretty sure that, if he heard the name, the president would probably just assume “Hyperlapse” is some wonky congressional procedure the GOP would employ to gather impeachment votes.

All jokes aside, we really do appreciate the effort that Team Obama puts in when it comes to social media. And hey, this Hyperlapse White House tour might even prove helpful for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton. We know the former first lady knows the estate well already, but an updated look at the layout could be beneficial when her 2017 move-in date comes around. (Please, no hate mail.)

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