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Thanks to UMBC, everyone went crazy over free pizza

Little Caesar’s gave out free pizza on Monday, thanks to 16-seed UMBC beating 1-seed Virginia. (The Saginaw News via AP)

If there’s a co-worker at your office who got back late from lunch with a Little Caesars pizza box in tow, UMBC is why. In the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, UMBC beat Virginia, and became the first 16-seed in NCAA tournament history to beat a 1-seed.

A 16 beating a 1 doesn’t automatically trigger an obscure free pizza law. (Though that would be awesome.) Little Caesars offered a promotion that promised free pizza (with conditions, of course) to the world if a 16-seed finally beat a 1-seed.

The people at Little Caesars probably never thought it would happen, but it did. And on Monday the pizza chain made good on their promise, and free pizza took over the land.

When was the last time you saw a line outside your local Little Caesars? Probably today.

Those are some serious lines. Those are stocking-up-on-bread-and-milk-before-a-big-snowstorm lines. People love free stuff!

All those photos are fun, but there’s something missing. Where are the young men who made this glorious, pizza-filled day happen? A few of them were able to snag some pizza, too.

Thank you, UMBC, for shocking the world and providing one of the best sports moments of the year, and possibly even the decade. And thanks for the free pizza, too!

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