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That's One Way To Do It: Australians Urged To Eat Kangaroos To Combat Overpopulation

Jayson Derrick

Good news for those who love game meat. The Australian kangaroo population may be out of control, and there is only one solution: Eat more kangaroo.

Since 2011, the kangaroo population soared from around 25 million to an estimated 44.85 million today, Statista noted. In fact, the kangaroo population "down under" is nearly double that of humans at 24.6 million and is a result of wet weather over the years.

Kangaroo can be found in specialty restaurants across North America and could benefit from a rise in supply. Many locals in Australia are hesitant to eat the country's national animal, but the reality is many of them are going to die anyways if a dry summer season ends in a drought.

Infographic: Why Australians Are Being Urged To Eat Kangaroo Meat | Statista

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