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The $75 Chromebox Challenge

David Pogue
Tech Critic
Yahoo Tech

Dear David:

The Asus Chromebox you reviewed is NOT a computer. You need a mouse, a keyboard, and, oh yeah, a SCREEN!

By the time you’re done, you’re talking at least DOUBLE the cost because, guess what, the Chromebox is NOT a computer.

Sorry, David, but you dropped the ball, or should I say the box, on this one.




Hi, Greg!

Well, what I wrote was this:

“Mouse, keyboard, and monitor aren’t included. Those accessories might cost another $75 or more. Or less, depending on what you’ve got lying around your house and how cheap a shopper you are.”

Sounds like we’re saying exactly the same thing, no?

(Besides: Almost all desktop computers are sold this way: as just the box. You always have to supply your own monitor.)

— DP


OK, David,

Please tell me then where I can find a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for $75, because I’ll be going there and buying them in a heartbeat at those ridiculous low prices.



Hi, Greg:

Here you go! Monitorcordless mouse, and keyboard from Newegg.com. Your total: $73. 

You can find fancier ones, of course, but these should work fine with your Chromebox. Happy shopping!


David: I saw your answer to Greg about the $75 mouse/keyboard/monitor. However, you’re not quite there. The monitor you found at Newegg has a VGA connector—it won’t plug into the Chromebox, which requires HDMI or DisplayPort!

You also chose a PS/2 keyboard. The Chromebox requires USB. Nice try.


Dear Aaron:

DOH! You are absolutely right. Fortunately, this $5 VGA-to-HDMI adapter should take care of the monitor problem.

And this USB mouse/keyboard combination costs only $9.

Even with the adapter, the grand total for this kit costs $74.


— DP