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The most flexible careers for working moms

Natalie Mayrath

Flexible work options are game-changers for working moms who want to balance life with their kids.

Emma Johnson, founder of Wealthysinglemommy.com, shares some of the top career choices that will provide automatic flexibility for women who want to fulfill family roles while and simultaneously earn a solid income.

Virtual Assistant

One of the best careers moms can do from home is a virtual assistant, Johnson says. “This is something you literally can do from anywhere and it usually involves anything that your client needs, it can be setting up appointments it can be include managing their e-mail,” she says.

Johnson points out that companies are increasingly hiring assistants who might live in another state or even in another country, and it can involve a range of clients on a full or part-time basis. “One of the great things about being a virtual assistant is nobody cares if you went to school or where you went to school,” she says.

Social Media Manager

Johnson has found that being on social media is becoming a tool that moms are more frequently turning into a business.

She offers the example of a friend of hers, a former stay-at-home mom who runs a social media agency and is bringing in $400,000 a year after just 3 years.

Women can easily devise their own schedules around managing an individual’s or an entire company’s social profiles.

Copywriter or Grant Writer

Working as a copywriter or grant writer is another way of scheduling highly paid work projects from the comfort of home. (Grant writers help nonprofits secure funding, while copywriters write copy for websites.) Johnson says the hourly rate for these jobs can be in the multiple hundreds of dollars.

Clinical Research Coordinator

If you have a bachelor’s degree in the sciences, a clinical research coordinator position could be the perfect fit for a working mother. “That's often a six-figure position,” Johnson says. “It's an administrative job and you maybe are doing research on the front end coordinating all the researchers and all their data.”


The most exciting job out there for working mothers is one that Johnson says has a deep need for females: coder, programmer, or developer. Johnson says “it might just mean that you are developing your own website or your own little app on your own and that becomes your portfolio that you can now use to grow and get new clients.”

If the technical nature of this job sounds daunting, Johnson advises not to worry. “There are so many free or low-cost resources online to learn code, communities online…. Facebook groups or Slack groups that will help you learn everything that you need to get started.”

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