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The Most Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets Money Can Buy

Kevin Smith

Money can't buy everything, but it can certainly get you some really awesome gear.

For example, if you have $190,000 lying around, you can impress your friends with a slick hovercraft.

From a custom iPad encased in solid gold, to a personal submarine, the rich and famous have a nice collection of toys to choose from.  Take a look at some of the other items. It's hard to believe that you can actually drop this kind of cash on a gadget.

The Kohler Numi Toilet System: $6,400

Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game: $35,000

MWE Emperor 200 PC WorkStation: $49,150

Tron-style Motorcycle: $55,000

Megatrend MKIII Speakers: $80,000

Innespace Seabreacher-Y Submarine: $100,000

An Actual Hovercraft: $190,000


Amphibious Truck: $1,195,000

Giant Robot Warrior: $1,350,000

Personal Submarine: $2,000,000

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