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The President Finally Got an iPhone ... Sort of

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

After years of wanting one, the most powerful man in the free world finally got himself an iPhone … to borrow whenever he wants to send a tweet.

Here’s the story: In 2013 President Obama went public with the fact that, for “security reasons,” Secret Service wouldn’t allow him to have an Apple phone. So when the seminal @POTUS tweet that was sent out on Monday included the fact that it was sent via “Twitter for iPhone,” our first thought was that we might have a juicy commander-in-chief tech scandal on our hands.

That is, however, not what we have.

A senior administration official for the president told Yahoo News that the phone seen in the picture of Obama sending his first @POTUS tweet, though it was an iPhone, belongs to the Executive Office of the President.

“It was not the President’s phone that was used to send the tweet earlier today,“ a staff member assured us.

We can only assume that, in the tweeted-out picture, the president’s trusted and secure BlackBerry was safe and sound in his breast pocket. And, honestly, we’re happy to hear that the White House, after six years, didn’t switch the president to an iPhone just for the sake of social media. The last thing we need is a national security breach as a result of the president saying “sup” to his million new Twitter followers.

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