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Nearly half of American jobs risk being automated: How to fight back

Forty-seven percent of U.S. occupations are at risk of being displaced by technology, according to a 2013 Oxford study. In light of this information -- just one datapoint supporting the thesis that 'robots' are coming for our jobs -- what should the average U.S. worker do?

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Prepare. That's the message of Edward Hess, professor at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.  He says he has the prescription for how workers can make themselves irreplaceable.

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The author of Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization tells Yahoo Finance, "All of us humans need to accept what the science says about how we learn: cognitively, we basically are fast, reflexive, 'confirmation machines'; emotionally we are defensive thinkers."

Hess says we need to accept our limitations and then start working on how we can become better thinkers innovators and experimenters.

Hess believes all of this will differentiate us from robots "because what robots and smart machines won't be able to do is think innovatively, creatively and have high emotional intelligence."

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