The States with the Fastest (and Slowest) Internet Speeds


The above map shows the average Internet speed, measured in megabits per second, in every state. The dark green represents the highest speeds, while dark red shows the slowest.

The East and West coasts naturally have faster connections, while the Midwest and less populated states got the short end of the speed stick.

Virgina takes the number one spot with an average internet speed of 13.7 Mbps, potentially because of the heavy military and government presence there, which has also led to statewide affluence. Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia round up the top five.

Unsurprisingly, Alaska comes in dead last with 7.0 Mbps. But Arkansas, Kentucky, Montana, and West Virginia aren’t far ahead, all with less than 8.0 Mbps.

One megabit equals 125,000 bytes. For comparison, the file size of this map is about 715,000 bytes. Even someone with the average internet speed in Alaska could download it in less than one second.

Broadview Networks created the map by compiling information for Akamai’s most recent annual State of the Internet report. The organization reported only the top 10 states publicly, so Broadview reached out for the other specifics.

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