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New in theaters: 'Angel Has Fallen,' 'Ready or Not,' 'Brittany Runs a Marathon,' more

Gerard Butler returns as Secret Agent Mike Banning in "Angel Has Fallen," Samara Weaving becomes the subject of her in-laws' deadly wedding tradition in "Ready or Not," Jillian Bell steps into the shoes of a reluctant runner in "Brittany Runs a Marathon," and the remake of cult classic "Jacob's Ladder" and gas station heist "Burn" hit theaters.

Angel Has Fallen (R)

Back for a third covert mission, Secret Service agent Mike Banning is now being hunted by his own agency as well as the FBI for a suspected attempt on the President's life.
Starring Gerard Butler ("Fallen" franchise, "300"), Morgan Freeman ("London Has Fallen," "The Shawshank Redemption"), Piper Perabo ("Coyote Ugly," "Looper"), Jada Pinkett-Smith ("Girl's Trip," "Magic Mike XXL," TV's "Gotham")
Release dates: Ireland, Philippines, Taiwan, UK - August 21; Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore - Aug 22; Canada, India, USA, Vietnam - Aug 23; France - Aug 28

Ready or Not (R)

In this darkly comic thriller, Grace, having just married into a wealthy family, is informed that she must take part in a traditional game of hide and seek with deadly consequences.
Starring Samara Weaving ("Three Billboards...," "The Babysitter," TV's "Home and Away," "SMILF," "Picnic at Hanging Rock") with Adam Brody ("Shazam!"), Melanie Scrofano (TV's "Wynonna Earp"), Henry Czerny ("Mission: Impossible"), Kristian Bruun, Elyse Levesque (both from "Orphan Black"), and '80s-'90s romcom icon Andie McDowell ("Groundhog Day," "Sex, Lies, and Videotape," "Four Weddings and a Funeral")
Release dates: Canada, USA - August 21; Netherlands, Singapore - Aug 22; France, Philippines - Aug 28; Hong Kong - September 26; Ireland, South Africa, UK - Sep 27; Australia - October 24, New Zealand - November 21

Jacob's Ladder (R)

Army veteran Jacob Singer returns home to discover his brother, thought killed in action, is still alive. Remake of the 1990 psychological thriller.
Starring Michael Ealy ("2 Fast 2 Furious," "The Intruder"), Jesse Williams ("The Cabin in the Woods," TV's "Grey's Academy"), Nicole Beharie (TV's "Sleepy Hollow"), Karla Souza (TV's "How to Get Away with Murder")
US date: August 23

Burn (R)

Shy gas station employee Melinda takes advantage of a holdup to incapacitate and then interrogate the would-be robber in her own fire-oriented way.
Starring Tilda Cobham-Hervey ("Hotel Mumbai"), with Josh Hutcherson ("The Hunger Games" movies), Suki Waterhouse ("Insurgent," "The Bad Batch"), Harry Shum Jr. ("Crazy Rich Asians")
VOD, limited theatrical release (US): August 23