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Then and Now: the Filipino Mobile Communication Landscape

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Upward trend on smartphone adopotion in the Southeast Asian region continues, with the take-up rate in the Philippines at 146 per cent, according to a report published by GfK. Smartphones have redefined the way people see mobile phones—from the basic call and text to social networking and email on-the-go; from a communication device to a game and movie hub.

But beyond smartphones' far advanced capabilities, what GfK reports to have propelled the smartphone adoption in the country in particular are affordable device prices set around the USD 50-100 mark by local mobile phone brands.

The figures may be seen as a recurring trend: during the basic, bar type phone era, Filipinos had been proven as tech-savvy, highly social people (with the country eventually dubbed as the “Texting Capital of the World”). While the Filipino people had been at the trail of mobile communication technology, contributing to the further growth in numbers is an enabler: affordable cellphone prices.

The pioneering Filipino mobile phone company then came to the picture. MyPhone's pillar is to provide affordably priced, quality mobile phones to Filipinos. Moreover, the pro-Filipino mobile phone brand has reshaped the mobile communication landscape in the Philippines, standing as a competitor against multinational brands, and paving the way to other local mobile phone brands. Then and now, basic phone generation to smartphone generation, MyPhone stands by its mission.

Fast forward to the smartphone era, MyPhone is among the brands to offer handsets around the USD 50-100 mark. The brand continuously beefs up its Android phone line-up, thus offering Filipinos a range of options, may it be based on budget or feature preferences.

Recently, the brand launched its latest handset, the MyPhone Agua ICEBERG: a 5.7” Android phone. This generated quite a buzz, mostly due to the notion of a Filipino brand being able to come up with  a gadget equipped with an impressive set of features at par with multinational brands-- for a fraction of the price. At the tip of the ICEBERG are 5.7” High Definition (HD Display), Quad-Core Processor, 12 MP Rear Camera and 5 MP Front Camera, aluminum body, and TARA, the Anti-Theft application.
ICEBERG's set of specs resonates GfK's findings on smartphone trends: bigger display size and operation on the Android platform. “We've been in the business for six years now. It's an imperative to keep track of the Filipino market's responsiveness to technolgoy vis-a-vis the global trends; thus, every handset in our line-up is need-based. It's no surprise that a lot of Filipinos are now mature smartphone users-- thus, our response is the ICEBERG. But we cannot discount that a lot of users are bound yet for the transition from feature phone to smartphone, so we ensure that our line-up is diverse and appropriate with regard to budget, product feature and innovation, and the user's level of maturity in the platform,” explains MyPhone Vice President Mr Kevin Lim Tan.

As MyPhone then served as an enabler for Filipinos to adopt mobile communication technology, the Filipino mobile phone brand aims to serve again as an enabler-- this time, of smartphone adoption. With the brand offering quality and affordable innovation through its smartphones, MyPhone eyes leading the Philippine smartphone market

“As a Filipino brand, we are at an advantage over multinationals as we are well-aware of the market and how its technological demands develop over time. Thus, our line-up is not a one-size-fits-all one; it's Filipino market-based, thus, timely and relevant,” adds Mr Lim Tan.