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France's War On Nutella Appears To Be Over

Rob Wile

For the past couple of weeks, many in France have been freaking out over the prospect of a 300 percent increase on palm oil, the primary ingredient in Nutella. 

This morning, they got a reprieve.

A coalition of conservative and Communist senators voted down the entire social security budget, which included the Nutella tax, according to LeMonde.

In reality, the measure's veto had less to do with an attack on the one of the most important parts of the country's gastronomical heritage than with  arguments over how to address the country's widening deficit. 

Still, reaction was almost unanimously celebratory. 

Luc Bronner, LeMonde's politics editor, acknowledged the "Nutella-Communist alliance" that had spared the country.

On Twitter, there was unanimous "My grandchildren can exhale," said @patrickpollet. "VICTORY!" Tweeted @OskarKCyrus.

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