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There's A 'Panic Reset Button' That Can Help You Remain Calm During The Job Interview

Vivian Giang

This is the final of a twelve-part series, "Career Insider." This series will give you what you need to know to advance your career. Brought to you by Johnston & Murphy.

It may be hard to manage stress levels and stay motivated during the job hunt, especially if you feel like you're not in control of the situation. 

But thinking this way is the exact reason why you feel nervous inside.

And then "you won't cope so well. You'll lose your critical-thinking abilities," Dr. Sharon Melnick, a business psychologist and author of the book "Success Under Stress," tells us. 

In this interview, Melnick gives us some tips on how job seekers can maintain stress levels by pushing their "panic reset button," which activates a nerve in order to "loosen the area around the heart."



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