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THIN.COM Rides the Wave as Domain Name Packages Return to the Forefront of Investment Strategies

Premium Domain Name Packages return to the forefront of investment strategies (Graphic: Business Wire) Multimedia Gallery URL


Like a Phoenix from the ashes .COM/domain packages are on the rise. Market giants like Elon Musk and Amazon have turned to premium domain name packages as prime investments. The strategy that is breathing new life into the once booming domain name market is based on a thoughtful investment plan. The old approach was to find a short keyword .COM and wait for the right buyer. The new tactic sweeping the landscape focuses on creating a packaged suite of domain names that are also paired with a block of identifying 800-numbers to maximize profit.

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Katie Bond of Warren Mae Premium Domains, a successful private boutique brokerage group in the .COM world, recently announced the ultra premium .COM package sale of thin.com | thinner.com | thinnest.com and seven 1-800-thin-extensions. As Bond states: “This unique, once in a lifetime and exclusive package offers branding power, field leadership and market strength. Owning a short keyword .COM is smart. Owning all the URLs in an available suite and adding a block of 800-numbers is a genius positioning ready to yield profit.”

This new “Premium Packaging” model has been featured in national magazines Fortune and Entrepreneur, which articulated why visionaries like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Noah Kagan are jumping on this new .COM investment strategy. When innovative and farsighted leaders like Amazon and Tesla move, the market responds; recently, california.com sold in a package sale to the investment group One Planet Ops for over $3M.

Shrewd business entrepreneurs like Gerard Powell, Founder and CEO of Rythmia, see what most large companies are unaware of. “By selling domain packages strongly paired with 800-numbers, you can maximize returns, decrease advertising costs all while maintaining the same sales and conversion rates,” Powell recently stated from his luxury resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. “For example, if one were spending $100 million over the lifetime of campaign and could save $33 million in advertising, a few million dollars for a domain package isn’t a lot of money. It’s the best money one could spend.”

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