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The third Asian Bookstore Forum is to be held in Xi’an, China on July 6-7

This forum is themed on "Space Innovation, Unleashing A New Era". Bignames in cultural industry gather together in the upgraded forum tocreate a brand-new industry event

CHENGDU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2019 / The Third Asian Bookstore Forum, hosted by the Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Xi'an, organized by Yan Ji You, and co-sponsored by Sanlian Lifeweek and Openbook, is to be held in Xi'an High-tech Zone, on July 6th, 2019.

This forum is themed on "Space Innovation, Unleashing A New Era". Based on the sectors closely related to the bookstore industry, such as authors, publishing houses, bookstores, design, public cultural space, and city, in-depth discussions will be conducted around "cross-border, innovation, development, and future". Celebrities from the circles of culture and arts are invited to this forum to explore the new kernel of the cultural industry.

Space, as an extension of eye-visible boundary of modern life and inspiration, is not only cultural, but also related to knowledge, information and intelligence. Future Intelligence World is to discuss the future aesthetics and mission of the times for bookstores in cross-border development.

Big names in cultural industry gather together in the upgraded forum to create a brand-new industry event. At the Third Asian Bookstore Forum, more discussions, compared with those in previous years, will be provided regarding the sector of design, and in the field of public cultural space, a session will also be conducted. Besides the themed forum of "Space Innovative·Unleashing a New Era", there will be another five parallel sessions, covering writers, bookstores, designers, publishers, and public cultural spaces.

Cultural scholars, including Jianming He, Xiaoxian Zhang, Wenxuan Cao, Di'an, and Yong Zhu; famous Asian bookstores, including Yan Ji You, Yurindo, Thailand Open House Hardcover, Sinan Mansions, Wanbook, Fandeng Bookstore, and Zhongshuge; well-known designers, including Kyle Chan and Shinya Norihiko; public cultural space representatives, including the Palace Museum, and Shaanxi History Museum; known presses, including Weidu and Hinabook; industry leaders, including China Chain Operation Association vice president, Zhihu vice president,and Context Lab founder are all invited to witness this global and magnificent cultural event and start a truly crossover multi-field conversation.

In addition, besides the forum, there will be four signing sessions of famous writers, including Wenxuan Cao, Xiaoxian Zhang, Di'an, and Xichuan, which will provide readers a rare opportunity to communicate with famous authors face to face.

At this forum, joint efforts are made with big data research firms, and major academic, authoritative institutions to select data on key Asian city bookstores and reading sectors, and there data lists, "Xi'an Reading Portrayal", "WeRead City Reading Index", and "2019 Asian Bookstore Forum Online Popular Book List" will be jointly released to further facilitate bookstore industry communication, culture industry promotion, and the brand building of book-fragrant city of Xi'an.

There are two main purposes of this forum.

1. Cultivate urban culture, promote nationwide reading, and carry forward the national cultural spirit.

The spiritual temperament of a city depends on its cultural constructions. Physical bookstores, as the carrier of urban culture, are eyes of modern cities and inseparable from urban culture development.

Based on the intention to promote urban culture and bookstore industry development, at 2017, Yan Ji You initiated Asian Bookstore Forum. Rooted in the bookstore industry and extended to the bookstore ecological chain, including literature, commerce, design and cultural space, the "Asian Bookstore Forum" aims to share industry experience, deliver vanguard thoughts, promote cultural cooperation modes and development patterns, advance development and exchange of culture industry, and foster "nationwide reading". It has gained substantial support from governments at many cities and extensive coverage from mass media, established strong brand appeal and industry influence, and become a grand event in the cultural circle.

As the initiator of Asian Bookstore Forum, Yan Ji You, with the idea of "Make Life Different" and the background of physical space, combining life style, multiple industry forms, and cultural resources together, constructed "lifestyle experience space" for the city one after another. With bookstore as the core, Yan Ji You also wants to realize "Link between People and People, People and Culture, and People and Life." Yan Ji You encourage readers to get enjoyment in reading, and also find inspirations from life. Yan Ji You is dedicated to improve bookstore industry by "point to point connection", to form a future bookstore mode which is beyond bookstore itself, to lead industry development, and to provide consumers more opportunities.

2. Develop Xi'an culture,help to build "book-fragrant city"

The previous two editions of Asian Bookstore Forum were held in Chengdu, respectively in 2017 and 2018. The Third Asian Bookstore Forum is moved to Xi'an, which is the first time that this activity is held in a city other than Chengdu. Cooperating with Xi'an, Yan Ji You aims to promote industry integration through industry exchange, and stimulate cultural creation through humanistic exploration, in order to create another grand cultural event in Xi'an.

Besides promoting the construction of cities 'spirits and cultivating urban culture, Yan Ji You also pays attention to the local civilization merging in Xi'an. In 2018, Yan Ji You cooperated with Maike Center and started the third national flagship store in Xi'an -Yan Ji You · Maike Center Store, making Xi'an a book-fragrant city and providing people in Xi'an an exclusive place for spiritual consumption.

Xi'an is a city blessed with profound history and culture, and the past years witnessed its rapid development and remarkable achievements in the culture industry. And this time, the Third Asian Bookstore Forum coming to Xi'an will build a unique cultural brand with both individuality and charm for Xi'an.

Not only from the perspective of forum scale but also the depth of discussion, the 2019 Asian Bookstore Forum, with joint efforts by Yan Ji You and Xi'an city, is not only a bookstore event, but a globally influential event of the industry. In the era of nationwide reading, cultural and spiritual consumption develop rapidly. Yan Ji You insists on its originality to construct a culture bridge via its own efforts, in order to continuously energize China's Bookstores, promote the development of the bookstore industry, and explore new vitality for the whole cultural industry.

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