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This App Lets You Copy and Paste From Your Mac to iPhone

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

You’re on your computer trying to be productive. Then, suddenly, your friend chats you a link—it’s an owl taking a bath! You want to watch, but you know that one cute animal video will spiral to seven and your productivity will go kaput. If only you could just copy/paste that link onto your iPhone to watch later as you wait for the bus.

Enter Scribe, a new app that wirelessly connects your Apple computer to your iPhone and that allows you to easily send text, a link, a phone number or an image to your phone with a simple keyboard command. It works like this:

You install the app on both your computer and phone, which then speak to each other via Bluetooth. When you see something you want to send to your phone, you simply highlight it and press command + shift + x on your keyboard. It automatically beams what you copied to your phone, appearing on your screen as a push notification. 

So, basically you do this on your laptop:

Scribe Demo

And this is what will show up on your phone: 

Aside from allowing for quick access to cute YouTube videos, Scribe is also practical when it comes to quick contact transactions. If you’re in a rush and know you’ll need a number on your computer, you can beam it over to your phone and automatically make the call (or do a number of other things with it, as shown below). You can do the same with a link and automatically open it in Safari.

It’s perfect for Craigslist meet-ups, interviews or restaurant reservations and is much more convenient than the “email information to myself” method that you’re probably using now.

The only real catch here is that all of this is done over Bluetooth. That means, first, your phone and your laptop must always be connected, if you want to integrate Scribe into your everyday workflow and, second, your ability to transfer images efficiently will be pretty limited.

The app is relatively cheap: $2.99 for the desktop app, which pairs with the free and necessary iOS app.

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