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This Dow Chemical carve-out stock has nearly tripled since 2014

Plastics, synthetic rubber and latex might not sound like the sexiest business portfolio on the planet, but Trinseo (TSE), a global manufacturer of these materials, has given investors plenty to be excited about over the past year. The company, which was carved out of Dow Chemical (DOW) six years ago, has nearly tripled in value since going public in 2014 at $19 a share.

Among the winners: the hedge fund industry, which has piled into the stock with a total of 44 funds either initiating or increasing their long positions in the third quarter, according to S&P Capital IQ.

Trinseo CEO Chris Pappas tells Yahoo Finance Alexis Christoforous in the video above that 2017 will bring new growth opportunities for the company across a number of consumer markets, especially the auto industry and tire manufacturers.

“We have some of the best synthetic rubber products in the world,” he said. “It makes the tires roll better, which gives better gas mileage. So that’s a high growth market for us, independent really of the dynamic of the automotive industry.”

President-elect Trump’s plans to spend $1 trillion to rebuild US roads, bridges, ports and other public-works projects should also benefit materials companies like Trinseo in the coming years. The company recorded $4 billion in sales in 2015, with 14% of that coming from building and construction materials.

“I’m a fan of infrastructure in general,” Pappas said. “Not only for our company, with products like latex that goes to concrete. Polystyrene goes into insulation for housing and other applications like that. But I just think it’s good for jobs, and I think therefore it’ll be good for the economy and raise the demand on other products, whether it’s smartphones, laptops, cars, those types of things.”