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This External Smartphone Battery Offers Solar-Powered Charging to Keep the Juices Flowing

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A small external battery for iPhoneAndroid smartphones, and other devices that’s currently raising money on Kickstarter offers some interesting features that could help you make sure you never again have to worry about your smartphone running out of battery power.

Not only does Spor pack a 5,200-mAh battery, but it also features a solar panel, which means that unlike similar products for mobile devices this battery pack will continuously recharge while exposed to the sun or to an artificial light source with enough intensity.

Furthermore, the Spor offers one-month stand-by time and can charge two devices at once. Users can also daisy-chain multiple Spors, and can recharge the battery pack from a regular power source.

When it comes to customization options, users will be able to 3D-print Spor covers in “almost any color, shape, or material.”

Finally, the Spor will also come with a special USB cable that will let you place batteries securely on various surfaces or attach them to objects, such as bikes.

Spor has already raised more than $15,000 in a day, and needs $100,000 to be fully funded. Pledges range from $1 to $10,000, with the cheapest Spor costing $40. The device will ship in December, assuming that the project is successful.

A video showing the Spor and explaining its features follows below.

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