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This Guy’s Business Card Can Totally Play Tetris

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Networking event not going well? Now you can go stand in the corner and set a new Tetris high score on your business card. 

Portland-based technical designer Kevin Bates has created a computerized business card with a small display screen and gaming controls that can, among other feats, let you play the classic Nintendo game Tetris, like a mini Game Boy. Bates is currently tweaking the design and software of the card, which he calls the Arduboy, and he says he will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign to sell the cards to the demanding masses. 

A build-it-yourself kit for burgeoning programmers will apparently go for $30. A preassembled card will cost $50. 

The business card comes with a small programmable screen, which can display your resumé and a QR code for interested parties to download your contact information. More importantly, however, the screen can be manipulated by small controls that allow you to play any number of programmable video games, including Tetris and Pokemon. 

Bates is making the software that powers the card open source, which means that developers will be able to devise more games and apps for the card. Bates envisions an active message board where Arduboy owners can swap programs and games.

According to Bates’ website, the card gets more than nine hours of battery life. It’ll take a little soldering to recharge, however, for hardcore Tetris players.

Watch Bates play Tetris in the YouTube video below:

The Kickstarter campaign will be launching in the coming months, and you can get more information about the Arduboy at Bates’ website here.

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