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This Is How a Former Apple Employee Announces the Birth of His Son

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech
Birth announcement for son of former Apple employee

Apple is legendary for its obsessive adherence to minimalist design, even encouraging employees to attend design-related “Apple University” courses taught by Ivy League professors. This zealous approach has been internalized by at least one former Apple employee, Andreas Kleinke, who recently put together an iPad mini-inspired website to announce the birth of his son.

“My son was born last Friday, and my original intention was to simply create an Apple-flavored birthday announcement card especially for my former colleagues at Apple,” Kleinke told Yahoo Tech via email. “It got a bit out of hand.”

Designed to resemble a new product announcement page, the site touts the smart and sleek design elements of Jonathan, including “a 20-inch seamless unibody enclosure,” “ten meticulously aligned fingers” for the “perfect multi-touch experience,” and a “maximum volume going all the way up to 120 dB.”

It goes on to list an entire spec sheet for dear Jonathan, including dimensions (7.87 × 20.47), carriers (Mom and Dad), and languages (Gibberish).

At the very bottom, a small link encourages you to shop for Jonathan via — gasp!a registry link that redirects to Amazon. (What, no iTunes gift cards?)

According to BGR, Sam Sung is rumored to have a baby who looks just like this one.

A previous version of this post identified Kleinke as a former Apple engineer. He was, in fact, a training manager for Apple Care.

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