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This Is What Barack Obama Looks Like as a Character on 'The Sims'

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

At this week’s gigantic E3 video game conference, Electronic Arts (EA) introduced us all to “The Sims 4,” the newest version of the its casual life simulation game.

The unveiling certainly filled in the blanks on some questions concerning game play, graphics and features of the much-anticipated game, and we also saw a preview of the new, smarter Sims.

But the most important question EA answered during its time on stage Monday was this:

What would President Barack Obama’s Sim look like?

Evidently like this:


Also answered: What would Barack Obama’s Sim look like dancing? Like, really dancing?

And here you go:


EA didn’t go into detail about how realistic the executive-order game play for President Barack Hu-Sim Obama would be in “The Sims 4.” But we suppose everyone can just enjoy the dancing for now and worry about Sim government red tape later.

"The Sims 4" will be available for PC on Sept. 2.