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This kid’s brutally honest 'mom' Halloween costume is so accurate


Instead of dressing up as a spooky ghoul or vampire this Halloween, one little girl opted for something even scarier – a tired mom.

Wearing sweatpants, a messy bun and a perfect “don’t mess with me” expression, 7-year-old Lainie absolutely nailed her outfit. She completed the look with comfy but ugly flip flops, a baby on her hip and ankle and, of course, vomit across her shoulder.

Rachael Falser Beachy, a friend of Lainie’s mom, couldn’t help but share the hilarious look on Facebook on Saturday.

“My friends daughter dressed up as a mom for Halloween,” she writes. “I’m dead! This is the best costume I’ve ever seen!”

And she wasn’t the only one amused by Lainie’s costume. The photo has since gone viral, attracting over 116,000 likes and over 13,000 shares with many moms taking to the comments section to share how they could relate.

“Omg I could’ve totally been in costume just by waking up!” shares Christina Harkey.

“The only thing this little momma is missing are mom jeans!” writes Kelly Glezen Rodgers.

With four other siblings, we’re not sure if Lainie drew inspiration for the unflattering costume from her own mom but we’re definitely loving both mom and daughter’s sense of humour. Not to mention, all five siblings kick ass outfits.

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