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This Machine Can Make Your Smartphone Water Resistant

Brian Heater
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

Your phone is going to get wet sooner later. And not every phone will be designed to withstand the elements like, say, the just-announced water-ready Sony Z2 or Samsung Galaxy S5.

For the rest of us, a little water means a broken phone. But DryWired can help.

The company’s Nebula systems apply a thin level of nanocoating (thinner than a hair, in fact) to phones, helping to seal them off and better protect them from splashes.

Stick your phone into what sort of looks like an industrial washing machine, and it will spray the stuff on your iPhone — or any other phone you’re looking to protect.

I took a look at an iPhone that had been doused with the nanocoating, and it’s really not detectable. The phone looks the same as it did before it went in, and it still works like a charm.

Of course, keep in mind that this makes the devices water resistant, not waterproof. So, yeah, don’t get cocky and jump into a pool after a round with the Nebula. But if you get caught in a downpour, the technology can help out.

How much would you pay for such piece of mind? If you answered $50,000, well, good news, that’s the starting point for these machines. Of course, DryWired’s not expecting you to pay that all yourself.

The idea is to sell these devices to retailers, who will charge you on a per-spray basis.

So walk into a Best Buy, get a new coat for your phone, and walk out ready to conquer the world — well, the 25 percent that isn’t already covered in water, that is.

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