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This Ring Attaches to Your Phone, Helps You Take Better Selfies, Is Horrible

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech
Selfie Ring

(Glam Screen)

Selfie accessories — accessories that aid in the taking of selfies — unfortunately abound. There are selfie apps, selfie-specializing smartphones, and even something called the Selfie Stick.

It was really only a matter of time until we met the Selfie Ring.

This contraption, by electronics accessory maker Glam Screen, is quite simple. It’s made up of a flat adhesive surface that you can slap onto the back of your phone. Attached to that surface are two rings in which you’re supposed to slip your fingers.

The idea is that, when you’re out and about, on a roller coaster or a rooftop or somewhere else that would look really good as a backdrop to your face, you slip your fingers through the rings and use them to stabilize your phone as you position the shot.

That’s right! No more dropping your phone over and over again as you attempt to take a selfie. You’re wearing it on your middle and ring fingers now.

Selfie Ring ad

It even has its own hashtag. (Glam Screen)

Seems like a foolproof design! That being said, you still run the risk of being publicly lambasted for owning a Selfie Ring, which is technically a crime against humanity.

The Selfie Ring is on sale now for $20, just in case you have an upcoming birthday for a friend who is addicted to selfies, or a relative you really, really hate. 

[h/t @jessmisener]

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