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This Super Bright Flashlight Can Also Charge Your Gadgets In a Pinch

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

What I remember most from Hurricane Sandy, aside from the horrible wreckage, were the people crowding around makeshift charging stations on the streets of New York.

In an era where we’re increasingly reliant on electronics, and weather disasters are occurring more frequently, shouldn’t we start updating our emergency tool kits to include a reliable charger?

You might want to start with the ZeroHour, a tactical-grade flashlight that will charge your gadgets in times of literal darkness. Its 10,000mAh Panasonic battery allows for multiple re-ups (seven full iPhone charges, five full Galaxy charges, to be exact).

That’s major when you’re stranded without power — whether you’re in the wilderness, or in the throes of a natural disaster. 

The flashlight itself is pretty powerful, too. Its 1,000-Lumen light can beam 500 meters, which is useful if you’re trying to scare off animals or get someone’s attention. And its  aluminum body screws apart easily for access to the USB port that you can use to charge your devices (as you can see below).

It might seem a bit pricey at $175 to $200, but it might be better than relying on some dinky plastic thing in a disaster. 

Get it here this March.