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This Wickedly Bright Flashlight Can Cook an Egg

Yahoo Tech

The folks over at Wicked Lasers are best known for their spectacular and slightly dangerous handheld lasers. But the company also makes spectacular and slightly dangerous flashlights.

The Flashtorch beams white light at a blinding 4,100 lumens — powerful enough to fry an egg. Indeed, we used the original Torch to melt a plastic ant. The new version is perfect for illuminating a backyard when your cat sneaks out, or lighting up a trail on a nighttime hike. Best to give your preschooler something else for shadow puppet time, though.

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Forged from anodized military-grade aluminum, light funnels through a reflector channel in the flashlight and exits through a heat-resistant lens. That channel is adjustable so you can illuminate a wide area or focus the beam onto a narrow, single spot.

The Flashtorch itself has three power modes and a 18,650 milliamperes per hour battery capable of delivering 10 to 40 minutes of continuous use depending the setting. Its powerful halogen lamp also has a 2,000-hour life, so you won’t be needing to replace the bulb anytime soon.

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The Flashtorch is available now from Wicked Lasers’ website for $200.

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