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Thriving using Science: the importance of Cyber Security in the modern day society

·10 min read

In this Breakfast Chat with Leading Market Leaders & Entrepreneurs series, we have the opportunity in speaking with the DUO of BI Consulting Group charismatic Dr Christina, a turnaround/business performance psychologist, Partner and Group Managing Director and her husband Marek Boguszewicz, a former British Muay Thai Champion (known as the Jet) who is now one of the leading experts in the field of digital transformation and cybersecurity risk management. Marek is the partner / senior chief technology adviser o and has consulted many blue chip companies across financial and insurance sectors.

How she helps organization thrives; navigate business using science

Dr. Christina speaks with us on how she helps blue chips, private and public companies to thrive using science. Dr Christina has devised science based methodologies and approaches for business success and she is also known for her work and contributions during the 2008 Asian Financial Crisis in Asia.

“A resilient organisation has the ability not only to anticipate disasters, weather difficulties, react to short-term obstacles and adjust to the unexpected disruptions but achieving positive results in attaining long term goals. It is a vital strategy for an organization to flourish in the contemporary dynamic world. The main characteristic is the ability to identify the emerging trend, threats, and understanding of their impacts on all business aspects, employees and the overall community” said Dr Christina, Partner and Group Managing Director of BI Consulting Group. This implies that resilient organizations have the ability to brainstorm scenarios and identify the risks that could affect the company.

“Having a strong and supportive relationship with the main stakeholders, organizations should also have a workforce that is committed to breaking up silo mentality, working as a unified team, to make the employees cope with changes and give them the flexibility and key skills of working proactively. Having a clear direction from leadership, communicating effectively, allows the management to determine whether the employees are working on the essential and strategic activities of supporting the growth of the company.”

Most resilient organization also have an ‘employee first’ policy, one which fosters trust, accountability, and flexibility. This allow their employee to take care of health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Understanding human resources play a fundamental role in daily business operations. The core of any successful business model is the people that drive that model, the adage that you are only as good as your people, is fundamentally a truism of a successful business. This makes the organization become successful in recognizing vulnerabilities and having a culture of mutual aims and values for all the stakeholders. The employees of the company are therefore empowered with thinking skills, that they can use to foster long-term organizational change and development.

“Given the current economic conditions, it have necessitated businesses to find new ways to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, tighten their operations, and increasing their revenue streams whilst keeping expenses low. As enterprises strive to remain competitive, the management is engaged in numerous activities, where managers have multiple responsibilities. Hence, psychology also plays a critical role as most companies focus on increasing their market share, promoting their brand and customer satisfaction, and may end up forgetting the significant impact that employees have in achieving such goals. At BI, we have curated a turnaround-business psychology framework based on UAIME techniques, business and science based methodologies and approaches to help client navigate through adversity and guiding them towards a sustainable recovery.” Dr Christina added.

BI’s business psychology framework uses in-house UAIME techniques combine with business and science-based methodologies and approaches covering the 25 business competency areas to help businesses boost growth.

By adopting this model, the company can see growth, productivity, and efficiency increased between 15% to 30%.

The Importance of Cyber Security for Modern Day Society

Over the years, the term Cyber Security has gained much importance and become a common part of each one’s life who is associated with a computer or a smart phone device. When people submit their data online, it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks or cyber-crimes. The vast majority of vulnerabilities and attack vectors are due to escalated privilege attacks. Loss of data, DDOS, the man in the middle, clear text password violations; SQL Injections to name but a few.

These are now better understood but are still a major risk on the threat vector landscape organisations globally. Organisations are now at a critical point where the business and technology model requires an integrated governance model. This is now a business imperative.

​Cybersecurity should be a constant item on the agendas of CEOs and the boards.

Cybersecurity is now a business mission critical imperative traversing the entire organisational landscape

Management must engage in an ongoing dialogue to ensure their Cybersecurity Strategy continually evolves. KEY Questions organisations should be asking-

  • Who is responsible for developing and maintaining our cross-functional approach to Cybersecurity? To what extent are business leaders (as opposed to IT or risk executives) owning this issue?

  • Which information assets are most critical and what is the “value at stake” in the event of a breach? What statements —have we made to our customers and partners to ensure protection of their information?

  • What role does Cybersecurity and risk management play in our customer value proposition?

  • How do we adhere to local regulations and best practice Cyber Security models in understanding where we stand today?


Most large companies have significantly strengthened their Cybersecurity capabilities. Formal processes have been implemented to identify and prioritize Cybersecurity risks and hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested to mitigate these risks. Despite this, Cybersecurity is a bigger issue now than ever.

The BI Group have identified 4 trends contributing to the exacerbation of Cybersecurity

  • Value continues to migrate online, and digital data has become more pervasive.

  • Why are companies experiencing more online attacks per hour than they did just a few years ago? Because online is where B2B, B2C and Ecommerce is moving to and expanding. More online transactions create a larger target attack landscape for cybercriminals.

  • Furthermore, companies looking to Analyse data create valuable intellectual property that is an attractive target for a wide array of rogue players.

  • Corporations are expected to be more “open” than ever before.

  • Employees are demanding access to corporate networks through the same mobile devices they use in their personal lives. While mobile devices increase connectivity, they also present new types of security threats. A single point of entry (the so called weakest link), creates an entry point into the entire corporate network.

  • Supply chains are increasingly interconnected.

  • To optimize supply chains and expand upon their customer connectivity, companies are encouraging suppliers and customers to join their integrated networks. This in turn increases the complexity in securing the data in transit and at rest. Security is now at risk from third parties on the network, who have varying degrees of security.

  • Cybercriminals are becoming sophisticated.

  • Professional cybercrime organizations, the dark web, and state-sponsored hackers have become more technologically advanced, in many instances outmanoeuvring organisations in knowledge. Attacks have become more sophisticated and more targeted, in many cases targeting individuals, who are only as good as their Cyber security culture.

The BI Group Cyber Security Value proposition for your organisation

Our model provides a realistic Cyber Security roadmap to tackle enterprise challenges, transform organisations, achieve the vision whilst optimising performance and productivity

We leverage our teams extensive experience in the full OSI Stack Cybersecurity end to end program delivery.

With a detailed service catalogue offering, from Cyber consultancy, program delivery, Cyber reviews, IAC (Information asset classification), ITSM set up, Security into the cloud services, SOC, SIEM, CERT reviews and ISO 2700X, 27017, NIST-800 reviews.

BI provides both On-Demand and Project Based Consultancy services to industries such as financial, insurance, telecommunications, consumer, luxury lifestyle, real estates, retail, travel, logistics and healthcare system services.

We provision SaaS, service-based approach, allowing companies to devise POC, and utilize a modular based approach.

Next Generation AI Private Blockchain Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Private Blockchain technology for enterprise solutions. Guaranteed transactions, 100% sustainable, efficient, eliminate fraud and reduce cost and time by 30%

Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Fraud & Risk Management, Project Management Office (PMO), Process Re-Design, Agile Business Transformation and Human Capital Consulting.

Our diverse team of leading industry experts and consultants bring deep industry knowledge, functional expertise and processes in building capabilities that help organisations and people thrive.

The BI Group Cyber baseline and assessment using our CSMS(Cyber Security Maturity Status), assessment, will guide your organisation through its Cyber journey.

CMMI, CSMS-Cyber security Assessment. With our CMMI based framework our Cyber experts are able to review and baseline the status of the Cyber organisational landscape.

Areas which we can assist

  • AI Private Blockchain solutions for Financial, Ecommerce, Health, Insurance, Crypto Currencies, transactional secure systems.

  • Cyber Security Strategy

  • Cyber Security program Delivery

  • Cyber CMMI, CSMS, organisational baseline

  • Third party Risk Management

  • ISMS-Information Security Management Systems

  • GRC-Governance Risk and Compliance

  • IAM-Identity Access Management

  • PAM-Privileged Access Management

Fraud Analytics

  • CISA based audits

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Data Centre Transformation (Legacy to the cloud), with Caas(Cyber as a Service)

  • Cloud Transformation, with full Cyber Service stack

  • Digital Transformation, for the full OSI Stack)(each layer with Cyber based Caas(Cyber as a Service)

​​​About Marek

Marek Boguszewicz is a senior technology executive/adviser/speaker with over 30 years of experience in the Technology-Finance, Digital Transformation and Cyber Security, Risk Management Transformation within the financial/ insurance industry. He works closely with the C suite in providing sound advisory, implementation strategy, and workshops on technology, cybersecurity risk management, and digital transformation for blue chips companies. He has delivered programs globally which include London, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Greece, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Greater China, Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Marek formulated “Digital T Cyber-Security Risk” framework based on a CMMI, CSMS, SIX SIGMA principle-based framework. He has managed, GRC, ISMS, IAM, PAM, DLP and encryption programs, toed into legacy digital transformation builds.

An athlete, health enthusiast and a strong believer in giving back, he raised funds for underprivileged individuals, charities and provides pro bono advisory to youth and young adults. Marek receives education from The Wharton – University of Pennsylvania. He is also a Certified SIX Sigma champion, (CSSC) having worked at MBB level coupled with being an agile KANBAN expert. He has worked in the Cyber Solution Cloud Spaces with AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud.

He has worked extensively with major solution delivery organizations such as Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte PWC and BCG.

About Dr. Christina LB

Dr Christina is the Partner and Group Managing Director for BI Consulting Group, a boutique business and technology consulting firm with a focus on business, digital transformation and cyber security. She is also the founder of TWEL (The Women Entrepreneur Lab), a cross-border ecosystem curated for women and entrepreneurs, The Third Space, a Project for Good – Positive Transformation (www.the-thirdspace.com) and the author of “Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience“. Most recently, she ventured into the “Next Generation AI Private Blockchain” and “Digital Workforce”, to help companies shift towards digitalisation, secure and protect Data Sovereignty, and be ready for the Future of the Economy.

Christina, a business-performance psychologist & transformation leader has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, turnaround, agile operations excellence, business resilience, human capital, financial, risk and reputational management. She is known for for using a science-based approach, business methodology, and experiential knowledge in improving the lives of individuals and businesses.

Her work “UAIME” techniques have successfully transformed and turnaround many business projects including ‘deadlock’ ones in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Her notable clients range from technology, science, solar energy, telecommunications, luxury lifestyle, fashion, real estate, consumer, food, and beverage industries.

A strong believer in giving back, she helps raise funds for charities across Singapore, London, China, Indonesia and started “Pay Forward” programme to help those in need.

About BI Consulting Group

BI is a Business and Technology Consulting firm with a well-established presence across Asia, Central Asia and Europe. BI partners with industry leaders and assists organisations drive digital transformation across the private, public, and social sectors.

For more information on consulting services provided BI Consulting Group, you may visit their website at https://www.bi-mgt.com/home.

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