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Throwing Darts, Week 1: Remember the Titans

Cover like a Champion today (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski, File)

I’ve had a winning record in six of seven Throwing Darts seasons on Yahoo. If you think that’s easy, well, it’s not.

Here are the Week 1 selections, using lines from Yahoo Pro Football Pickem. Share your selections!

— Titans -1 vs. Raiders: I’m drinking the Tennessee cool aid, loving the offensive line, the quarterback, the diversity of offensive pieces. The defense isn’t a monster but it’s good enough. Oakland a likely regression team after overachieving last year.

— Bengals -2.5 vs. Ravens: Everything went wrong for Baltimore in the summer — their key offensive pieces hardly played — and now they’re under the standard three on the road? I will jump all over that.

— Seahawks +3 at Packers: Seattle definitely has the better defense — albeit Aaron Rodgers will do something against it — and Russell Wilson had that career-year-coming gleam in his eye this summer.

— Niners +5 vs. Panthers: Like the Rams, the Niners get a major upgrade from an incompetent coaching staff to a modern one. Defense will be at least a little bit better. Brian Hoyer isn’t particularly durable, but he’s a professional quarterback when on the field.

— Vikings -3 vs. Saints: Like physical, nasty Minnesota defense at home, and Saints don’t always travel well. Sam Bradford has become a convenient punchline for some reason, but he just set a completion-percentage record and had a 21:5 touchdown-to-interception ratio after joining the Vikings 10 seconds before last season started. He’s better than you think, and so is this overall offense.