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Thunder Energies (TNRGD) Cited a Third Time as Confirming Einstein's Objections of Quantum Mechanics

DENTON, Texas, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Thunder Energies Corporation (TNRGD) announces to have  been cited  in a third  international PRNewswire Release as confirming Einstein's prediction that 'quantum mechanics is not a complete theory'  (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/einsteins-objections-to-quantum-mechanics-get-industrial-confirmation-in-new-energies-300856780.html) .

Dr. R.  M.  Santilli, Thunder Energies Chief Scientist, states: "After studying much needed new clean energies for half a century at the highest institutions around the world, not only I agree with Albert Einstein that 'quantum mechanics is an incomplete theory,' but I believe that the use of an 'incomplete theory' is the primary reason for our inability to achieve controlled nuclear fusions and other clean energies in seventy-five years of efforts and the expenditure of billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Besides a host of technical reasons, everybody can see the 'lack of completeness' of quantum mechanics for energy releasing processes because the former theory is notoriously invariant under time reversal, while the latter processes are irreversible over time in the sense that the inversion of time causes the violation of causality, such as the smoke coming out of the exhaust of a car should reconstruct gasoline in the tank under time inversion."

"In the Division of Combustion of Thunder Energies, we have shown that the 'completion' of quantum mechanics into a covering theory consistently representing irreversible processes allows the conception of basically new forms of clean energies, such as the synthesis via our Directional Neutron Source (http://thunder-energies.com/docs/TEC-DNS-3Za.pdf) of negatively charged  deuterons that would then be attracted by natural, positively charged deuterons for the synthesis of the helium, by therefore resolving the extremely big Coulomb repulsion between natural positively charged deuterons used to date."

"While I was at Harvard University in the early 1980s, I received five research grants from the Department of Energy. Therefore, among numerous attempts of funding our new technologies,  in 2017 Thunder Energies applied to the Department of Energies and other governmental agencies  for research grants to develop the new energies permitted by the 'completion' of quantum mechanics. Regrettably, all our grant applications were rejected apparently because of academic interests opposing the 'completion' of quantum mechanics in apparent disrespect of our alarming environmental problems as well as of Einstein's memory. Since I am a scientist without political clout, I here appeal to Thunder Energies stockholders for any possible help," Dr. Santilli concludes.


Paul Knopick